A city of western California on an inlet of San Francisco Bay north-northeast of Oakland. It was the state capital from 1853 to 1854.
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In the old days, the fish patrol had attempted his capture many disastrous times and had finally given it over, so that when the word was out that he was coming to Benicia, I was most anxious to see him.
And what made it particularly exasperating was the fact that every fisherman, from Benicia to Vallejo knew that he was successfully defying us.
The high wind and big seas of San Pablo Bay had been too much for them; all hands were sick, nobody knew anything or could do anything; and so they had run in to the smelter either to desert the yacht or to get somebody to bring it to Benicia.
With the wind then blowing, we could sail the yacht into Benicia in a couple of hours, have several more hours ashore, and come back to the smelter on the evening train.
Benicia was in view, and we were bowling along over comparatively easy water, when a speck of a boat danced up ahead of us, directly in our course.
And then, in triumph, with no more veering and yawing, we sailed into Benicia, the King of the Greeks bound hard and fast in the cockpit, and for the first time in his life a prisoner of the fish patrol.
When he was shot in Benicia, a couple of years later, the coroner said he was the greatest-shouldered man he had ever seen laid on a slab.
He had communicated by wireless with the army post at Benicia, the telegraph lines were even then being patrolled by soldiers all the way to Sacramento.
subsidiary Cork Supply USA is based in Benicia, Calif.
Notes: pre-bid: 181 east "j" street, benicia ca 94510.
Last year, the Benicia, California, store collected donations for people impacted by an earthquake in Napa, California.
Before the area was revitalized into a vibrant cultural district for artists and a popular visitor destination, the Benicia Arsenal was the primary U.