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Noun1.Benjamin Britten - major English composer of the 20th centuryBenjamin Britten - major English composer of the 20th century; noted for his operas (1913-1976)
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The fourth Wales International Harp Festival in Caernarfon will honour the legendary Dr Osian Ellis CBE who collaborated with leading British composer Benjamin Britten and played on the madcap radio comedy series, The Goon Show.
She got training as an opera singer from Paul Knight, a student of English Composer and legend Western classical music Benjamin Britten.
Contract notice: Construction and supply of the stage design of the opera "gloriana", Of benjamin britten, For the foundation of the real theater.
My Beloved Man: The Letters of Benjamin Britten and Peter Pears.
The programme features home movie footage and interviews with family, friends and fellow musicians, including a member of the Women's Orchestra of Auschwitz who recalls seeing him play alongside Benjamin Britten.
1976: Tributes are beisng paid to a modest and "brilliant" composer, Benjamin Britten, above, who died today.
Benjamin Britten, Serenade for Tenor, Horn, and Strings, Op.
se celebra a la patrana de la musica Santa Cecilia, el compositor ingles Benjamin Britten fue otro de esos nino prodigios que enseno habilidades extraordinarias para la musica desde muy temprana edad.
MY only disappointment with Radio 3's Benjamin Britten centenary celebrations was that it featured little about his darker side.
Classical Benjamin Britten Camerata Nordica / Tonnesen BENJAMIN Britten's centenary year has produced a string of new recordings but few as good as this collection of his youthful works for string orchestra.
Eminent British composer and pianist Benjamin Britten (1913-1976) and partner Peter Pears assembled an art collection of some 300 works, which are housed at The Red House in Aldeburgh, UK.
dedicated to the 100th anniversary of composer Benjamin Britten.