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Noun1.Benjamin Peirce - United States mathematician and astronomer remembered for his studies of Uranus and Saturn and Neptune (1809-1880)
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Such evanescent shadows of probability," said the mathematician and astronomer Benjamin Peirce in his testimony, "cannot belong to actual life.
Benjamin Peirce (1809-1880), arguably the first research mathematician to serve at Harvard, entered what was then Harvard College as a member of the 1825 freshman class and began a career on the faculty there six years later that would end only with his death.
Benjamin Peirce Professor of Technology and Public Policy
Siendo su padre el renombrado Benjamin Peirce, el "mas prominente matematico de su epoca" (p.
Even 19th century Harvard professor Benjamin Peirce once admitted: "It's paradoxical.
Benjamin Peirce worked hard towards improving the lives of Americans through his various scientific advances and work, starting at Harvard at only the age of sixteen, and his accolades have brought him across many sciences from mathematics to astronomy to geology, among others.
Benjamin Peirce called it "the science that draws necessary conclusions".
Of the human heart; a biography of Benjamin Peirce.
Chapter Two, "God and Math at Harvard: Benjamin Peirce and the Divinity of Mathematics," makes this abundantly clear.
His topics include sources of Victorian mathematical idealism, Benjamin Peirce and the divinity of mathematics at Harvard, George Boole and the genesis of symbolic logic, and Augustus de Morgan and the logic of relations.