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The utilitarian philosophy of Jeremy Bentham, holding that pleasure is the only good and that the greatest happiness for the greatest number should be the ultimate goal of humans.

Ben′tham·ite′ (-mīt′) n.
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On the other hand, judges themselves see the Benthamite critique as a reason for them to ignore the rules of evidence when they are sitting at bench trials, (5) considering themselves to be closer to the ideal fact finder and believing themselves more able to assign all relevant information its proper weight.
And just as Polanyi observes that nineteenth-century Benthamite liberalism privileged administrative action over parliamentary legislation, so Davies identifies in neo-liberalism the 'disenchantment' of politics by economics: 'In the tradition of Jeremy Bentham, intrinsic values are to be replaced by extrinsic valuation (i.
Benthamite utilitarianism has intuitive appeal in triage.
2) From what appears to be a class handout at Princeton University, prepared for a course in microeconmics, captioned How Microeconomists Bastardized Benthamite Utilitarianism, available at http: //www.
These maps were not meant for tactical deployment of law enforcement assets or community awareness, rather these maps suggest a Benthamite concern with connecting crime to larger sociological trends, many of which are class-based, in order to facilitate social reform.
Nowhere is this more evident than in seeing how the reductionism and rationality of neoclassical economic theory coupled with the Benthamite 'utility' of money count the consumption and destruction of natural resources as income and economic growth.
Almost always, the bias of this economic imperialism has been quantitative and implicitly Benthamite, in which poetry and pushpin are reduced to a single-level, and which amply justifies the gibe of Oscar Wilde about cynics, that they (economists) know the price of everything and the value of nothing.
Neither Benthamite utilitarianism nor French positivism offered much support for international free trade, however, even though their aspirations were also universal, proclaiming a hope for the worldwide scientific and economic salvation of all mankind--a universalism that has been true of almost all western religion, even including the secular religions of the past 300 years that followed in western civilization after Christianity.
Before leaving for India in December 1827, Bentinck was given a farewell at Grote's house where he was feasted on "the pure milk of the Benthamite word.
The young disciple now saw that "the inculcation and diffusion" of the Benthamite gospel "could be made the principal outward purpose of my life," and he delighted in the "grand conception.
This last point suggests another potential Benthamite response to Hart's charge.
13) Instead of (or at least in addition to) a Benthamite, state-created panopticon, a device in which one can monitor many, Goldsmith believes we live in a synopticon, in which these many actors can consistently monitor and control one: the presidency.