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The utilitarian philosophy of Jeremy Bentham, holding that pleasure is the only good and that the greatest happiness for the greatest number should be the ultimate goal of humans.

Ben′tham·ite′ (-mīt′) n.
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We do not deny that even a person who has been victimised by the enervating and poisonous doctrines of the eighteenth century materialism of the West and the [sic] Benthamite Utilitarianism, can feel his country's wrongs and can burn with a desire to raise his nation above the petty oppressions of temporary tyranny.
That, yes, judges should be in the business of declaring what the law is using the traditional tools of interpretation, rather than pronouncing the law as they might wish it to be in light of their own political views, always with an eye on the outcome, and engaged perhaps in some Benthamite calculation of pleasures and pains along the way.
with a deliberate reduction in the status of the judiciary' is a reference to a Benthamite ideal.
For Vannatta, Kirk offers a shallow and very incomplete reading of Dewey, and mistakenly equates Deweyan pragmatism with Benthamite utilitarianism.
John Mueller and Peter Boettke, as well as other Austrians, criticize the deterministic maximizing behavior of the Benthamite man, homo economicus, in not dissimilar fashions.
Collins, Hugh (1985), "Political Ideology in Australia: The Distinctiveness of a Benthamite Society," in Stephen R.
On the other hand, judges themselves see the Benthamite critique as a reason for them to ignore the rules of evidence when they are sitting at bench trials, (5) considering themselves to be closer to the ideal fact finder and believing themselves more able to assign all relevant information its proper weight.
And just as Polanyi observes that nineteenth-century Benthamite liberalism privileged administrative action over parliamentary legislation, so Davies identifies in neo-liberalism the 'disenchantment' of politics by economics: 'In the tradition of Jeremy Bentham, intrinsic values are to be replaced by extrinsic valuation (i.
2) From what appears to be a class handout at Princeton University, prepared for a course in microeconmics, captioned How Microeconomists Bastardized Benthamite Utilitarianism, available at http: //www.
Also the author's educational views are discussed, highlighting her opposition to Benthamite programs and her proposal for an interdenominational religious education, and arguing that her contributions to plans for a general education system were meant to respond to what had been Smith's, Malthus's, and perhaps also her brother's question, namely, how may wealth and virtue go together?
Do we really want our system of procedure to privilege instrumental, Benthamite notions of due process based on cost--benefit analysis over intrinsic Kantian notions of dignitary fairness?
unsuccessful attempts and the Benthamite view of the rational,