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 (bā-rär′, bə-)
A region of west-central India. It was one of the early kingdoms of the Deccan.


(Placename) a region of W central India: part of Maharashtra state since 1956; important for cotton growing


(beɪˈrɑr, bæ-)

a former division of the Central Provinces and Berar in central India: now part of Maharashtra state.
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As of now, apart from emerging as Bollywood's biggest hit of all time, PK has also set new records in seven territories -- Mumbai, Delhi/ UP, East Punjab, CP- Berar, CI, Mysore and Bengal.
Aney, a member from Berar, pointed out that by using the legislature to reform Muslim law, the law was being secularised and government courts should therefore be allowed to judge cases; there was thus no need for a special Kazi, as had been proposed (Legislative Assemble Debates 1939: 868).
The report confirms the role of education in shaping labour market outcomes of young people, Azita Berar Awad, Director of the Employment Policy Department of the ILO, explained in a press release.
The report confirms the role of education in shaping labor market outcomes of young people," Azita Berar Awad, director of the employment policy department of the ILO, said in a statement.
The party of district of Berar was given as a contribution to Sitaram Bagh Mandir in Hyderabad and various grants of temples at Madannapet, Shankar Bagh, Golnaka, and Thousand Pillar temple, Warangal, Rs1 lakh each to Shanti Niketan and an Institute of Pune to publish Mahabharata, 1 lakh each to Andhra University and Benaras Hindu University, and a grant Rs4,000 to Telugu Academy.
Le ministre s'est egalement entretenu avec Mme Azita Berar, directrice du departement des politiques et de l'Emploi au BIT ainsi qu'avec M.
But in circuits like CP Berar, CI, Nizam and Rajasthan "Shaadi Ke Side Effects" recorded very low figures.
8220;The knowledge and proven managerial abilities Dawn Gilliland brings to this position make her an obvious choice as a general manager,” says George Berar, chief operating officer of Benevolent Generation LLC.
In 1903, Berar, then the northernmost section of the state, was transferred to British administration.
Here, they first saw action during the Mysore campaign of 1789, fighting at Bangalore and Seringapatam under Sir Arthur Wellesley (1st Duke of Wellington), they fought in the Mahratta War of 1802 and, in the following year of 1803, at Assaye, they defeated the combined forces of the Mahratta chief Scindia and the Rajah of Berar.
10 Stratford The battle near Madras, India on November 28 1803, which was won by the British under the Duke of Wellington against the forces of the Rajaha of Berar, backed by the French, ended the second Maratha War.
erabu (to choose) from a reversal of berar (to choose)