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a city in S Ukraine, on the Sea of Azov. 129,000.
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The Head of State presented two newly built armored motor boats Berdiansk and Akkerman to the Naval Forces.
In February 1872 a group of Mennonites approached James Zohrab, the British consul in the southern Russian port of Berdiansk on the Sea of Azov, with a written request for information about the possibilities of immigrating to Canada.
Pope supplied him with copies of papers received from the Foreign and Colonial Offices and instructed him to follow-up the Mennonite enquiry by immediately traveling to Berdiansk.
Dixon replied that Hespeler had been "ordered" by Canadian officials "to proceed to Berdiansk, Russia, and had been provided with all necessary official documents to prove his identity.
23) While waiting in Vienna, Hespeler sent an open telegram to Zohrab in Berdiansk.
Hespeler took the Azov steamer to Berdiansk and on arrival immediately contacted Zohrab.
Hespeler, through Zohrab, made contact with Cornelius Jansen, a Mennonite merchant in Berdiansk, who arranged a visit to the Mennonite colony of Molochna, where he met representatives of that and other colonies and, according to his own and Zohrab's reports, was well received.
He had sent open telegrams to Mennonites in Russia that apparently included a suggestion of another meeting, either in Germany or in a southern Russia town other than Berdiansk, as he did not dare to return there on account of the police.
34) This time he traveled not to Berdiansk, but instead to the larger Black Sea port of Odessa where he apparently met Mennonite representatives.
A 1962 petition for the promotion of Azovets Berdiansk, for instance, was signed by 768 "soccer enthusiasts" from the city of Berdiansk.
The Botschafter was connected with the Ediger publishing concern in the port city of Berdiansk after first being published in the city of Ekaterinoslav.
In the last entry, written in Berdiansk on 23 June, Frank lamented that he felt no better than he did at the beginning of writing the diary, and indeed that he was worse off, since he was now nearer the grave (83).