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 (bə-rĕ′zĭ-nə, byə-ryĕ-zyĭ-nä′)
A river of Belarus rising in the north-central part of the country and flowing about 610 km (380 mi) generally southward to the Dnieper River.


(Russian bɪrɪziˈna)
(Placename) a river in Belarus, rising in the north and flowing south to the River Dnieper: linked with the River Dvina and the Baltic Sea by the Berezina Canal. Length: 563 km (350 miles)


(bɪˈreɪ zə nə)

a river in central Belorussia, flowing SE into the Dnieper River. 350 mi. (565 km) long.
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As a bleeding, mortally wounded animal licks its wounds, they remained inert in Moscow for five weeks, and then suddenly, with no fresh reason, fled back: they made a dash for the Kaluga road, and (after a victory- for at Malo-Yaroslavets the field of conflict again remained theirs) without undertaking a single serious battle, they fled still more rapidly back to Smolensk, beyond Smolensk, beyond the Berezina, beyond Vilna, and farther still.
Debandade et berezina font bon menage dans le jardin [beaucoup moins que] vert et rouge [beaucoup plus grand que].
This phytocoenosis was present in the mire in the Late Glacial and Preboreal and could be identified with the shrub-sedge-brown moss associations described by Liss & Berezina (1981) in Western Siberia.
Five minutes into added time Anastasiya Berezina added Russia's fifth.
The symbols for battles and treaties on this map use 10 colours to indicate the campaigns to which they belong, but there are no arrows showing the progression of the campaign, and each battle and treaty city is dated only by year, so that while one can locate all the battles of the 1812 campaign, there is no way of telling whether Borodino preceded Berezina, nor in which month or season they occurred.
Then, on the 28th of November, a catastrophe: in a rush to cross the Berezina River, half of the retreating army, 22,000 men, drowns in the river's icy waters.
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Taxonomical composition and qualitative development of endosymbionts of the mollusc Dreissena polymorpha (Pallas) (Bivalvia: Dreissenidae) in the Berezina River.
Tens of thousands of French troops and civilians perished when the Russian army attacked Napoleon's army retreating from Moscow as it was crossing the Berezina River in November 1812.
To give but one example, as an eyewitness to Napoleon's retreat from Moscow, Clausewitz observed that he thought he would "never again be free from the impressions of this terrible spectacle," as the remnants of the Grande Armee attempted to cross the Berezina River.
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