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a type of Turkish rug


(bərˈgɑ mə, ˈbɜr gə mə)

a town in W Turkey in Asia: site of ancient Pergamum. 34,716.
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Contract Awarded for Province of Public Hospital Association of North General Secretariat and the General Secretariat of Our Its Bergama Dev Haste, Buca Maternity Hospital, Menemen Dev Haste, Kemalpasa Dev Haste Himss (Digital Hospital) Equipment Equipment Purchase of Work.
Furthermore, in addition to Greek Patriarch Bartholomew I, conference participants included the Orthodox patriarchs of Alexandria, Antioch (Antakya) and Jerusalem, archbishops from Athens, Greek Cyprus, Albania, Canada, US, Bergama and France, religious officials on behalf of the Russian Orthodox Patriarchate, Egyptian Chief Mufti E[currency]evki Kerim Allam and Prof.
The possibilities of making investments in the Republic of Macedonia are attractive to foreign investors, said the businessmen of the Bergama Chamber of Commerce, a developed industrial and agricultural region of Turkey.
Indoor Radon Measurements in the Granodiorite Area of Bergama (Pergamon)-Kozak, Turkey, Radiation Protection Dosimetry, 1-8.
Bone marrow tests were released last week by Bergama Government Hospital, stating that Cetin, who maintains he should be tried as a minor, is in fact 22.
Exhibiting in its 153 Madison Avenue location, Safavieh will unveil the Bergama collection, a group of 10 that rug designs.
Culture & Tourism Ministry made an application to include Gobeklitepe Archeological area in southeastern province of Sanliurfa and Bergama in Aegean province of Izmir into "UNESCO World Heritage List".
Distinctive Arts & Crafts-styled interiors set the tone for a cache of exquisite fashion for men, women and the home: Turkish Bergama cotton towels by Forza (often found in exclusive hotels), bed linens by Christian Fischbacher and clothes by Linda Loudermilk are crafted of sustainable fibers.
At the end of the nineteenth century, this monument was removed from Bergama, Turkey, and eventually housed in the Pergamon Museum, Berlin.
Safavieh also brings new designs by way of the SoHo Collection, which features 15 transitional patterns that are hand-tufted in India, and the Bergama Collection, a group of 12 reproductions, hand-tufted to create the same symmetrical knots used in the antique rugs in Safavieh's private archival collection of Peshawar rugs.
In May 2006 a group of nationalist and leftist protestors attempted to disrupt a Greek Orthodox Christian mass at a historical church in Bergama.