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A city of northern Italy in the foothills of the Alps northeast of Milan. Originally a Gallic settlement, it later became a Lombard duchy.


(Italian ˈbɛrɡamo)
(Placename) a walled city in N Italy, in Lombardy. Pop: 113 143 (2001)


(ˈbɛr gɑ mɔ)

a city in central Lombardy in N Italy. 127,390.
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They had afterwards for their captains Bartolomeo da Bergamo, Roberto da San Severino, the count of Pitigliano,[&] and the like, under whom they had to dread loss and not gain, as happened afterwards at Vaila,[$] where in one battle they lost that which in eight hundred years they had acquired with so much trouble.
They said it was two hours, by carriage to the ancient city of Bergamo, and that we would arrive there in good season for the railway train.
We reached the quaint old fortified city of Bergamo, the renowned in history, some three-quarters of an hour before the train was ready to start.
Sir," he said, with desperate politeness, "it seems to me that you change your costume almost as rapidly as I have seen the Italian mummers do, whom the Cardinal Mazarin brought over from Bergamo and whom he doubtless took you to see during your travels in France.
LAKE COMO, ST MORITZ & THE BERNINA EXPRESS EIGHT DAYS' HALF-BOARD FROM ONLY PS849PP SELECTED DEPARTURES UP TO OCTOBER 2018 On this wonderfully varied tour we explore Lake Como, one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, plus some stunning icons of northern Italy and Switzerland: the amazing Lakes of Maggiore and Lugano, the majestic Alps surrounding St Moritz and a fantastic rail journey on the Bernina Express; furthermore, Bellagio - Italy's most beautiful village and Bergamo one of its finest medieval towns, this enchanting region will captivate you.
Ireland-based low-fares airline Ryanair has said that it has extended its connecting flights service at Milan Bergamo and Rome Fiumicino Airports, adding a further 27 routes including Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Prague and Ibiza.
The three-time holders got on the scoresheet in Bergamo after just two-and-a-half minutes when Argentine Higuain found a way through the Atalanta defence and curled into the corner.
Contract award notice: Insurance services (7 lots) of the province of Bergamo for the three year period from 24.
His second-in-command was Brian Bergamo, from Clydach, who ran the gang's safe house on Vera Road in the village - from which police were later to recover a Samurai sword - and organised the onward supply of cocaine to a network of dealers.
The airport at Bergamo handled more than 10 million passengers last year.
Lab, a Bergamo facility dedicated in 2013; and, maintain the Italcementi brand plus home base plants and industrial network.
The celebration was led by Mel Meer, president and CEO of Bergamo, natch.