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A city of northern Italy in the foothills of the Alps northeast of Milan. Originally a Gallic settlement, it later became a Lombard duchy.


(Italian ˈbɛrɡamo)
(Placename) a walled city in N Italy, in Lombardy. Pop: 113 143 (2001)


(ˈbɛr gɑ mɔ)

a city in central Lombardy in N Italy. 127,390.
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1797: Gaetano Donizetti, opera composer (Lucia de Lammermoor), was born in Bergamo, Italy.
They include a home-style pizza, created with an artisanal bakery in Bergamo, Italy.
This clinical trial, sponsored by Fondazione Matilde Tettamanti and supported in part by Formula in accordance with the Italian/EU regulations on investigator-initiated trials, will be conducted at the MBBM Foundation/San Gerardo Hospital in Monza, Italy, and the Azienda Ospedaliera Papa Giovanni XXIII in Bergamo, Italy, both of which are affiliated with the University of Milan-Bicocca.
Muhammad, 43, was boarding a Ryanair flight to Bergamo, Italy, in January, when the device made from batteries, tape, a marker pen and a pin was found.
Prosecutors said Muhammed planned to detonate the device during a flight to Bergamo, Italy.
The pan-European clinical trial is being headed by the nephrologist, Professor Giuseppe Remuzzi at the Mario Negri Institute in Bergamo, Italy, with clinical trial recruitment sites in Italy, Ireland (HRB Clinical Research Facility, Galway), and the UK (UHBFT, Birmingham and BHSCT, Belfast).
The one that's top of mind is Da Vittorio in Bergamo, Italy.
A QUARTET of Kirkby ABC boxers added another W to their records with victory in an end-of-season tournament in Bergamo, Italy.
Save My Bag is crafted entirely in Bergamo, Italy, and is ultra-lightweight and rain-proof, and made from poly-lycra.
operations, principally at Bergamo, Italy, headquarters and affecting upward of 400 employees through 2020; consolidate global research and development activities at Italcementi's ultra-modern i.
Merthyr players check their kit before leaving to travel to Bergamo, Italy, for the second leg against Atalanta in the European Cup Winners' Cup in 1987
Based in Bergamo, Italy, Reggiani is one of the leading technology providers with an extensive range of industrial inkjet printers utilizing waterbased inks in printing on fabrics.