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A usually upholstered armchair having a relatively low back and side panels between the seat and armrests.

[French, shepherdess, bergère (probably so called after the pastoral scenes often depicted on the upholstery of such armchairs in the 1700s ), from Old French bergiere, shepherdess, feminine of berger, shepherd, from Vulgar Latin *vervēcārius, berbēcārius*berbēcārius, from Latin vervex, vervēc-, wether.]


1. (Furniture) a type of French armchair made from about 1725 having a wide deep seat and upholstered sides and back. In later examples, woven cane is often used instead of upholstery
2. (Furniture) a sofa of a similar design
[French, literally: shepherdess]



a deep armchair with a cane or upholstered back and arms and a cushion on the seat.
[1755–65; < French: literally, shepherdess, feminine of berger shepherd]
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Originally the Bergere has an upholstered back, arms and seat but some of its frames are exposed and intricately decorated.
Wool company, Bergere de France, is donating free wool to the project, and once the woollen bunting has been used for the Big Lunch celebrations, it will be washed and stitched together to make blankets for Knit for Peace UK.
Mademoiselle Yvonne Direct from the Folies Bergere See her do the Dance of the Seven Veils A sight to make the old men wish they were young again, and the young men Step up, step up This way, ladies and gentlemen Your money back if not satisfied.
La jeune fille bergere agee de 25 ans, portee disparue depuis mardi apres-midi, alors qu'elle se trouvait dans la zone militaire fermee au mont Samama dans la delegation de Sebitla (gouvernorat de Kasserine) a ete retrouvee mercredi matin, a indique un membre de la famille a la correspondante de la TAP dans la region.
It was saucier than the Folies Bergere, and often laughout loud funny, thanks to comments from the participants translated into broad British regional accents.
I simply didn't have any clothes on," pointed out the Pairs star of the Folies Bergere.
Folly Bergere looks sure to be suited for the step up to 10 furlongs in the Breeders Backing Racing ``HighRise'' EBF Maiden.
Bergere a Alamein, an oil on panel painted in 1959, is estimated at $400,000 to $600,000.
He enlisted in the Royal Army Medical Corps and served with the 14th Field Ambulance, based at La Bergere, near Monshyn-le-Roux, France.
On November 11, 1917, near a dressing station at La Bergere, a "lunatic soldier" escaped from his escort.
MICHELANGELO was born to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, and in a similar way, but centuries later, Lalique was born to create some of the loveliest glass the world had ever seen, glass which reached the height of the glassmaker's art during the 1920s, as did the designs Erte created for the strippers at the Folies Bergere, the automobiles created by Bugatti, the emeralds and diamonds which poured out from Tiffany and Cartier and the exquisite dresses from Patou, Chanel or Worth.