n.1.A pastoral song.
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Our technology dramatically increases both the number of camera phones that can be used for 1D bar code scanning and the decoding performance of any camera phone, by increasing the number of bar code pictures that can be read," said Benoit Bergeret, founder and CEO of Realeyes3D.
We operate at the junction of the dynamic market segments of camera phones, wireless messaging and mobile data applications," said Benoit Bergeret, co-founder and general manager of Realeyes3D.
This was as true with Katrina as it is now in the aftermath of the Southern California fires," said Benoit Bergeret, CEO and president of Qipit, Inc.
Magic Wanda is already generating significant market interest in Japan thanks to the long lasting success of Purikura and the country's high penetration of Flash-enabled camera phones," said Benoit Bergeret, CEO and co-founder of Realeyes3D.
Qipit gives consumers a mobile option for document sharing and collaboration that significantly simplifies their work and personal lives," said Benoit Bergeret, CEO and president of Qipit, Inc.
Bruce's expertise in wireless and new media related markets and technologies, as well as his past successes forging business alliances makes him an excellent addition to the Qipit team," said Benoit Bergeret, CEO, Qipit, Inc.
I recognized Qipit's value for students out of a real-life experience," said Benoit Bergeret, CEO and president of Qipit, Inc.
The sharing of personal items such as family photos or lifestyle information on social networking sites such as MySpace or FaceBook has proven to be a strong social trend," said Benoit Bergeret, president and CEO of Qipit, Inc.
Realeyes3D's handwritten messaging applications represent an evolution in person-to-person communication beyond text messaging," said Benoit Bergeret, co-founder and CEO of Realeyes3D.
Herve brings distinct expertise to Realeyes3D," said Benoit Bergeret, CEO, Realeyes3D and Qipit, Inc.
Commenting on the transaction, Jean Bergeret, Head of Leveraged Finance Europe at BNP Paribas, said: "This third transaction demonstrated the attractiveness of LFG as a manager of CLOs as the fund was heavily oversubscribed.
In addition to the significant boost that this funding will give us, Siemens Mobile Acceleration's broad wireless experience together with Siemens Mobile's worldwide recognition will considerably help increase Realeyes 3D's market acceptance," said Benoit Bergeret, CEO of Realeyes 3D S.