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 (bĕrg′sən, bĕrg-sôN′), Henri Louis 1859-1941.
French philosopher and writer whose popular and accessible works, including Creative Evolution (1907) and The Creative Mind (1934), largely concern the importance of intuition as a means of attaining knowledge and the élan vital present in all living things. He won the 1927 Nobel Prize for literature.


(ˈbɜːɡsən; French bɛrksɔn)
(Biography) Henri Louis (ɑ̃ri lwi). 1859–1941, French philosopher, who sought to bridge the gap between metaphysics and science. His main works are Memory and Matter (1896, trans. 1911) and Creative Evolution (1907, trans. 1911): Nobel prize for literature 1927
Bergsonian adj, n


(ˈbɜrg sən, ˈbɛrg-)

n. Henri,
1859–1941, French philosopher and writer: Nobel prize 1927.
Berg•so′ni•an (-ˈsoʊ ni ən) adj., n.
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Noun1.Bergson - French philosopher who proposed elan vital as the cause of evolution and development (1859-1941)Bergson - French philosopher who proposed elan vital as the cause of evolution and development (1859-1941)
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At a higher level, and in a spirit more reminiscent of Kierkegaard than Bergson, Ransom is choosing to meet the wave that is rolling his way and clearing the last obstacle to the fulfillment of his destiny.
Alerted by Baltimore's NAACP just the day before the show opened, Bergson Group leaders consulted with NAACP national secretary Walter White and then presented the Maryland Theater management with a plea and a threat: rescind the seating discrimination, or face NAACP picketers with signs proclaiming "There Is No Difference Between Jim Crow in Maryland and Persecution in Palestine
Affect theorists draw largely from the work of Henri Bergson, who argued in his book Matter and Memory (also published in 1896) that the best thinking must necessarily begin with a suspension of bodily action in order to relieve our thought processes from their concerns with the determined realm of our bodies in an immediate moment and, therefore, enable us to become more in tune with the affective, temporally conditioned processes of interactive potential and change in the world in general.
Fallon told the Racing Post that "it was pathetic it had to go this far", while his lawyer Warren Bergson argued that speeding ticket records could not be relied on.
According to Henri Bergson "in every wit there is something of a poet," because both practice "a certain dramatic way of thinking": "Instead of treating his ideas as mere symbols, the wit sees them, he hears them and, above all, makes them converse with one another like persons.
The laughable consists of a certain mechanical inelasticity," observed French philosopher Henri Bergson, "just where one would expect to find the wide-awake adaptability of a human being.
The City of Duluth is playing host this year, with the Mayor Herb Bergson devoting numerous key officials to the show, which will be held at the Duluth Entertainment Convention Centre.
Such readers may be confused or even offended by his superficial similarity to what has become known as the post-modern tradition, he says, and by his use of such philosophers as Spinoza, Leibniz, Nietzsche, and Bergson.
In many circles, Abram Bergson is regarded as the 'Father of Comparative Economics.
Duluth Mayor Herb Bergson told the newspaper after meeting Debe: "People make their own chances, good and bad.
Born in Baltimore in 1914, Abram Bergson died in Cambridge, Mass.
Arthur Hertzberg completes this section of the issue with a memoir of his involvement with the Bergson group, which lobbied for rescue action.