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A city of northern California on San Francisco Bay north of Oakland. A branch of the University of California is here (established 1868).


(Placename) a city in W California, on San Francisco Bay: seat of the University of California. Pop: 102 049 (2003 est)


1. (Biography) Busby. real name William Berkeley Enos. 1895–1976, US dance director, noted esp for his elaborate choreography in film musicals
2. (Biography) George. 1685–1753, Irish philosopher and Anglican bishop, whose system of subjective idealism was expounded in his works A Treatise concerning the Principles of Human Knowledge (1710) and Three Dialogues between Hylas and Philonous (1713). He also wrote Essay towards a New Theory of Vision (1709)
3. (Biography) Sir Lennox (Randal Francis). 1903–89, British composer; his works include four symphonies, four operas, and the Serenade for Strings (1939)


(ˈbɜrk li; for 2,3 also Brit. ˈbɑrk-)

1. George, 1685?–1753, Irish bishop and philosopher.
2. Sir William, 1610–77, British colonial governor of Virginia 1642–76.
3. a city in W California on San Francisco Bay. 103,660.
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Noun1.Berkeley - Irish philosopher and Anglican bishop who opposed the materialism of Thomas Hobbes (1685-1753)Berkeley - Irish philosopher and Anglican bishop who opposed the materialism of Thomas Hobbes (1685-1753)
2.Berkeley - a city in California on the eastern shore of San Francisco BayBerkeley - a city in California on the eastern shore of San Francisco Bay; site of the University of California at Berkeley
University of California at Berkeley - a university in Berkeley, California
Calif., California, Golden State, CA - a state in the western United States on the Pacific; the 3rd largest state; known for earthquakes
References in classic literature ?
Elinor's thoughts were full of what might be passing in Berkeley Street during their absence; but a moment's glance at her sister when they returned was enough to inform her, that Willoughby had paid no second visit there.
Your mother's eyes are bad again; and your brother Berkeley has been gambling, and seems to think I ought to pay his debts for him.
Lord Henry passed up the low arcade into Burlington Street and turned his steps in the direction of Berkeley Square.
Called at the Berkeley and found Van Helsing, as usual, up to time.
The latter gentleman, who had many intuitions about the half-formed thoughts of others, glanced at the topic himself as they came away from the great house in Berkeley Square.
I cannot help recalling the fine anecdote which Warton relates of Bishop Berkeley, when he was preparing to leave England with his plan of planting the gospel among the American savages.
There are no spies, anyhow, hiding in the tress of Berkeley Street," he added, glancing about them.
He caught a Telegraph Avenue car that was going to Berkeley.
Now Berkeley was on the Lower Bay, thirty miles away.
Throughout the year 1914, Emil Gluck resided in Berkeley and took special scientific courses.
Germaine has a house in Berkeley Square and a country-seat in the Highlands.
It was generally accepted in Berkeley that she made life - er - not exactly paradise for her husband.