Bernard of Clairvaux

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Ber·nard of Clair·vaux

 (bər-närd′, bĕr-när′; klâr-vō′), Saint 1090-1153.
French monastic reformer and political figure. Widely known for his piety and mysticism, he was instrumental in the condemnation of Peter Abelard and in rallying support for the Second Crusade.

Bernard of Clairvaux

(Biography) Saint. ?1090–1153, French abbot and theologian, who founded the stricter branch of the Cistercians in 1115

Ber•nard of Clair•vaux

(bɜrˈnɑrd əv klɛərˈvoʊ)

Saint, 1090–1153, French Cistercian monk and writer.
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