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 (bər-nē′nē, bĕr-), Giovanni Lorenzo or Gianlorenzo 1598-1680.
Italian sculptor and architect. A master of the baroque style, he is noted for his flowing, dynamic sculpture, such as Apollo and Daphne (1622-1624), and his designs for many churches, including portions of Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome.


(Italian berˈnini)
(Biography) Gian Lorenzo (dʒan loˈrɛntso). 1598–1680, Italian painter, architect, and sculptor: the greatest exponent of the Italian baroque


(bərˈni ni)

Giovanni or Gian (dʒɑn) Lorenzo, 1598–1680, Italian sculptor, architect, and painter.
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Noun1.Bernini - Italian sculptor and architect of the baroque period in ItalyBernini - Italian sculptor and architect of the baroque period in Italy; designed many churches and chapels and tombs and fountains (1598-1680)
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His soul palpitating with love of art, he painted the models who hung about the stairway of Bernini in the Piazza de Spagna, undaunted by their obvious picturesqueness; and his studio was full of canvases on which were portrayed moustachioed, large-eyed peasants in peaked hats, urchins in becoming rags, and women in bright petticoats.
This is one of the many plot lines explored in 'The Holy Name--Art of the Gesu: Bernini and his Age', which opens next month at the Fairfield University Art Museum (2 February-19 May) in celebration of the 75th anniversary of this Jesuit academic institution during the 2017-18 academic year.
This essay investigates the early rediscovery of Bernini and the Roman Baroque in D'Annunzio's II piacere.
com) is offering three nights in Rome at the five-star Hotel Bernini Bristol on a B&B basis from PS489 per person - saving up to PS160 per couple.
CULTURE Minister Marek MaA,,Aaric has cancelled the permit for exporting the bust of Pope Paul V which is believed to have been made by the famous Italian Baroque sculptor Gian Lorenzo Bernini.
THE STORY: Giovanni Bernini is known as the World's Greatest Impressionist--not of celebrities, but of ordinary people.
Un ejemplo de la profundidad de Bernini se revela en el que es, de seguro, su trabajo mas celebre: la Transverberacion de Santa Teresa, representacion material del amor mistico, la union que alcanza la santa cuando desaparece en Dios.
Working as a sculptor, an architect, a painter, an actor, a director, a playwright, and a scenographer, Gian Lorenzo Bernini (1598-1680) embodied a perceived intersection between art and theater.
Were it not for a definitive shift in the theory of art during the 16th century, a recent exhibition featuring the spirited terracotta sculptures of Gian Lorenzo Bernini might never have taken place.
A landmark hotel on Piazza Barberini and near to Trevi Fountain, the Bernini Bristol has ingrained luxury - head to the L'Olimpo Roof Garden restaurant to admire the views that reach across the city to St Peter's.
Perfect companion for jet setters, this new Fighter Sonic watch from Antonio Bernini is for people who constantly like to be on-the-move.
Gian Lorenzo Bernini made his fortune working for the Church, but had fallen out of favour when a new Pope, Innocent X, ascended to the Papal throne and wished to be rid of the more secular excesses of his predecessor, Pope Urban VIII.