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Family of Swiss mathematicians and scientists, including Jakob or Jacques (1654-1705), an important developer of ordinary calculus and the calculus of variations. His brother Johann or Jean (1667-1748) developed the calculus of variations. Johann's son Daniel (1700-1782) anticipated the law of conservation of energy, did pioneering work in the molecular theory of gases, and contributed to probability theory and the theory of differential equations.


(French bɛrnuji; German bɛrˈnʊli) or


1. (Biography) Daniel (danjɛl), son of Jean Bernoulli. 1700–82, Swiss mathematician and physicist, who developed an early form of the kinetic theory of gases and stated the principle of conservation of energy in fluid dynamics
2. (Biography) Jacques (ʒɑk) or Jakob (ˈjaːkɔp). 1654–1705, Swiss mathematician, noted for his work on calculus and the theory of probability
3. (Biography) his brother, Jean (ʒɑ̃) or Johann (joˈhan). 1667–1748, Swiss mathematician who developed the calculus of variations


or Ber•nouil•li

(bərˈnu li)

1. Daniel, 1700–82, Swiss physicist and mathematician born in the Netherlands (son of Johann Bernoulli).
2. Jakob or Jacques, 1654–1705, Swiss mathematician and physicist.
3. Johann or Jean (ʒɑ̃) 1667–1748, Swiss mathematician (brother of Jakob Bernoulli).
Ber•noul′li•an, adj.


Family of Swiss mathematicians. Jacques (or Jakob) (1654-1705) was a major developer of calculus and made an important contribution to probability theory. His brother Jean (or Johann) (1667-1748) also developed calculus and contributed to the study of complex numbers and trigonometry. Jean's son Daniel (1700-1782) was one of the first scientists to understand the concept of conservation of energy.
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Noun1.Bernoulli - Swiss physicist who contributed to hydrodynamics and mathematical physics (1700-1782)
2.Bernoulli - Swiss mathematician (1667-1748)
3.Bernoulli - Swiss mathematician (1654-1705)