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 (bĕr′ē-mən), John Originally John Smith. 1914-1972.
American poet whose dramatic and personal works include Homage to Mistress Bradstreet (1956) and the collection 77 Dream Songs (1964).


(Biography) John. 1914–72, US poet and critic, author of Homage to Mistress Bradstreet (1956) and Dream Songs (1964–68)


(ˈbɛr i mən)

John, 1914–72, U.S. poet.
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John Berryman was attracted to Bruegel's Hunters in the Snow, which inspired his poem Winter Landscape.
Soft Health Technologies President and CEO, Thomas Berryman has extensive experience in bringing venture-funded medical technology companies from initial startup through product commercialization, revenue growth and exit.
Fourteen points from the boot of stand-off Carlo Canna, and a try for wing Dion Berryman helped the hosts to a first victory in 11 league matches.
Fly-half Carlo Canna, fresh from Italy's World Cup campaign, chipped in with 14 points in Parma, with Dion Berryman scoring Zebre's only try.
PC Adrian Berryman, of Cleveland Police, said: "This is a horrific attack on 14 defenceless ducks, and for the owner to have found the ducks strewn across the allotment must have been very distressing.
Mr Berryman said: "In December 2000 we were one of the first airlines to take the big step of operating a long-haul service out of Birmingham.
The airline's UK vice-president Laurie Berryman said there were no firm plans to bring in the Airbus A380.
The local orchestra are the UAE National Symphony Orchestra, a collection of 46 home-grown musicians formed in 2010, led by musical director Andrew Berryman.
Phillip Berryman gave his first sermon on racial injustice May 9, 1965, in Los Angeles--and two days later was transferred.
Berry-man was the father of Kevin and Jackie Berryman of Associated Pipe Line Contractors, Inc.
her five grandchildren, Lisa and Michael Lacilla, Ryan and Tarina Owens and Patrick Ball; her brother, Arthur Berryman Jr.
Emirates UK and Ireland vice president Laurie Berryman said markets serviced by Emirates, such as India, China and Indonesia, pose "fantastic potential" for exporters.