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The merchants -- Pingree,Phillips, Shepard, Upton, Kimball, Bertram, Hunt -- these and many other names, which had such classic familiarity for my ear six months ago, -- these men of traffic, who seemed to occupy so important a position in the world -- how little time has it required to disconnect me from them all, not merely in act, but recollection It is with an effort that I recall the figures and appellations of these few.
Sir Thomas Bertram had interest, which, from principle as well as pride--from a general wish of doing right, and a desire of seeing all that were connected with him in situations of respectability, he would have been glad to exert for the advantage of Lady Bertram's sister; but her husband's profession was such as no interest could reach; and before he had time to devise any other method of assisting them, an absolute breach between the sisters had taken place.
A large and still increasing family, an husband disabled for active service, but not the less equal to company and good liquor, and a very small income to supply their wants, made her eager to regain the friends she had so carelessly sacrificed; and she addressed Lady Bertram in a letter which spoke so much contrition and despondence, such a superfluity of children, and such a want of almost everything else, as could not but dispose them all to a reconciliation.
Sir Thomas sent friendly advice and professions, Lady Bertram dispatched money and baby-linen, and Mrs.
Then she had better come to us," said Lady Bertram, with the utmost composure.
Norris," observed Sir Thomas, "as to the distinction proper to be made between the girls as they grow up: how to preserve in the minds of my daughters the consciousness of what they are, without making them think too lowly of their cousin; and how, without depressing her spirits too far, to make her remember that she is not a Miss Bertram.
Then Bertram DeVere came to their native village and fell in love with the fair Geraldine.
Nicholas Bertram, 56, evaded justice when his girlfriend gave him an alibi, then battered her 20 times with a hammer so she could not retract it.
8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Jared Ruger, Partner at Bertram Capital, was recognized at the 14th Annual M&A Advisor Awards as the 2015 "Private Equity Dealmaker of the Year.
Bank of Hawaii in Honolulu has announced that it has hired Sheh Bertram as chief information officer.
Argo Finanziaria, a parent company within the Gavio Group, which is the owner of the Baglietto brand, has announced it has inked a Letter of Intent with Ferretti SpA to acquire Miami-based Bertram.
Lee Bertram, 37, from Newcastle's east end, was working for Bilfinger Salamis UK on a platform in the North Sea when he was fatally injured in June 2011.