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 (bĕs′kĭdz′, bĕs-kēdz′)
A mountain range of the western Carpathians extending about 320 km (200 mi) along the Polish-Slovak border and rising to 1,725 m (5,659 ft) at Babia Góra. The range is divided into the East Beskids and the West Beskids.
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Contract award: delivery of magnetic resonance imaging in the "national program for combating cancer" task "purchase of diagnostic equipment for the early detection of cancer" for the beskids cancer centre - city hospital.
Distancing himself from Warsaw literary life, Stasiuk lives in the Beskids Mountains on the Polish-Slovak border, where in 1996 he and his wife, Monika Snajderman, founded the small publishing house Czarne Publishers to publish contemporary Polish and Central European literature, including many of Stasiuk's own works.