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 (bā′tə-mĕth′ə-sōn′, bē′-)
A synthetic glucocorticoid, C22H29FO5, that occurs as a white crystalline powder and is used as a topical anti-inflammatory agent for the treatment of dermatological conditions.

[Shortening of betadexamethasone : beta- + dexamethasone.]


n betametasona
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5mg / ml vial / ampoule 2 ml,azithromycin powder for injection, 500 mg vial / ampoule,betamethasone phosphate + betamethasone acetate, solution for injection (3 mg + 3 mg / ml) vial / ampoule 2 ml,aluminum hydroxide + magnesium, oral suspension, 185mg + 200mg / 5ml bottle 360mml,ketoconazole 2% cream tube 30g etc.
The injection contained betamethasone sodium phosphate (3 mg/ml) and betamethasone acetate (3 mg/ml).
In a second cohort study, 6 patients received a knee injection of 1 mL Celestone Chronodose (3 mg betamethasone acetate and 3 mg betamethasone sodium phosphate, comparable in anti-inflammatory and glucocorticoid potency to 32 mg methylprednisolone acetate).
betamethasone phosphate + betamethasone acetate, blister, 3-3mg / 1 ml,ethamsylate, blister 2ml, 125mg / 1 ml,hydralazine hydrochloride, blister, 20mg,penicillin cristalina, vial, 1000000 i.
Contract awarded for code 314 betamethasone phosphate + betamethasone acetate, solution for injection 3 mg + 3 mg, vial or ampule 6 mg / ml