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 (bə-tho͞on′, -thyo͞on′), Mary McLeod 1875-1955.
American educator who sought improved racial relations and educational opportunities for African Americans. She was part of the US delegation to the first United Nations meeting (1945).


(bəˈθyun, -ˈθun)

n. Mary McLeod,
1875–1955, U.S. educator.
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Noun1.Bethune - United States educator who worked to improve race relations and educational opportunities for Black Americans (1875-1955)
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Born in Bethune, France, Simon grew up in Marseilles and Paris and attended schools in Berlin, Budapest and Turin.
She was born in Bethune, France, the daughter of an engineer and his Italian wife.
In Europe, the start-up of manufacturing Bridgestone-brand tires at Bari follows production begun earlier at company facilities in Burgos and Bilbao, Spain, and Bethune, France.