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Any of various species of small, brightly colored, long-finned freshwater fishes of the genus Betta of Southeast Asia, many of which, such as the Siamese fighting fish, are popular in home aquariums.

[New Latin Betta, genus name, from Javanese wader bettah, a species of betta (Betta picta) of Java and Sumatra (wader, freshwater fish).]


(Animals) another name for fighting fish
[C19: from New Latin, of unknown origin]
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18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- In an effort to clear up confusion around the often-misunderstoodBetta fish, Petco offers myth busters and free educational events to demonstrate why Bettas can be one of the most exciting pets a child can have.
Below are some insightful myth busters about fish that prove Bettas make great pets for kids and adults, alike.
Female Bettas were chosen because they typically have shorter fins than male Bettas, limiting the possibility of the Danios nipping at Betta fins (thereby compromising the health of the fish and the results of the experiment).
The results from Katie's 2012 experiment using Veiltail Betta fish are in.
To examine this type of behavior Bettas have been placed in containers separated by a glass partition, which allows the fish to see each other, and their responses are noted.
Ideal fish for beginners are goldfish, danios, angelfish and colorful bettas.
These unique items are sure to satisfy picky pooches, finicky felines, happy hamsters, hungry wild birds, frolicking bettas and even young and not-so-young humans.