Charles Edward Stuart

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Charles Edward Stuart

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(ˈstu ərt, ˈstyu-)

1. a member of the royal family that ruled in Scotland from 1371 to 1714 and in England from 1603 to 1714.
2. Charles Edward ( “the Young Pretender” or “Bonnie Prince Charlie” ), 1720–80, grandson of James II.
3. Gilbert (Charles), 1755–1828, U.S. painter.
4. James Ewell Brown ( “Jeb” ), 1833–64, Confederate general in the Civil War.
5. James Francis Edward. Also called James III. ( “the Old Pretender” ), 1688–1766, English prince.
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1746: Fresh from his defeat at Culloden, Bonnie Prince Charlie escaped over the sea to Skye, disguised as Irish maid Betty Burke.
We are very excited to offer NANOG 61 attendees the largest amount of bandwidth capacity to ever be delivered to one of NANOG's largest and well-attended events," says Betty Burke, NANOG Executive Director.
Sister in law Betty BURKE DOREEN May 17 2011 Aged 73 years The mould was broken when you were made - mothers simply don't come any better.
Jeannie's Gold', the story of how Jess Smith's great-great-great-grandmother, together with Flora MacDonald, helped Bonnie Prince Charlie, alias Betty Burke, escape after the battle of Culloden, serves as a case in point.
With: Ron Galella, Floyd Abrams, Dick Cavett, Betty Burke Galkella, Thomas Hoving, Peter Howe, Martin London, Stuart Schlesinger, Paul Schmulback, Liz Smith.
Betty Burke, under Mick Hussey, went away readily once taking command inside the final furlong to beat stablemate Fungible by three lengths.
The manservant was one of the most courageous supporters of the prince, Angus MacShrek, and Betty Burke was the prince dressed as a maid.
Farmer met with Betty Burke, a massage practitioner with Camden Wellness, a ministry of the Philadelphia-based Medical Mission Sisters.
So Upton and Betty Burke teamed and began a tradition of promoting safe driving.
But the boys preferred the story of the Prince escaping to France disguised as Irish maid Betty Burke.