beurre manié

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beurre ma•nié

(ˈbɜr mɑnˈyeɪ)

flour and butter kneaded together, added to sauces as a thickener.
[1935–40; < French: literally, kneaded butter]
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To make the beurre manie use equal amounts of butter and flour to form a paste, but don't cook it.
A Beurre manie is a paste made up with butter and flour, which is used for thickening things such as sauces, stews and soups.
Bring to a simmer and add 20g of beurre manie (10g butter, 10g flour mixed to a paste in advance) little at a time, whisking all the time.
Gradually whisk in the beurre manie, until the gravy is glossy and thickened.
You can also add a little beurre manie - equal quantities of butter and flour mixed to a paste and added to sauce in small pieces until it's the right thickness
If the sauce is not thick enough, a small amount of beurre manie can be added, (equal quantities of soft butter and flour are kneaded together to form a soft dough, which can be kept in the refrigerator - this is added to the boiling liquid in small amounts but you must keep turning the sauce to avoid any lumps forming).
Bring the wine back to the boil and whisk in the softened butter and flour paste, known as Beurre Manie, a tiny piece at a time so that it thickens the sauce.