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 (vĭj′ə-yə-wä′də, vē′jə-) Formerly Bez·wa·da (bĕz-wä′də)
A city of southeast India east-southeast of Hyderabad. It is a trade center and transportation hub.


(Placename) a town in SE India, in E central Andra Pradesh on the Krishna River: Hindu pilgrimage centre. Pop: 825 436 (2001). Former name: Bezwada


(ˌvi dʒə yəˈwɑ də)

a city in E Andhra Pradesh, in SE India, on the Krishna River. 701,827.
Formerly, Bezwada.
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Tenders are invited for Supply and errection of 16sqmm and 50sqmm cables, feeder piller boxes and new poles to central lighting at annamaiah statue to bezawada gopal reddy statue ( 500 mts )