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(Placename) the former name of Vijayawada


(ˌvi dʒə yəˈwɑ də)

a city in E Andhra Pradesh, in SE India, on the Krishna River. 701,827.
Formerly, Bezwada.
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Bezwada Wilson, founder of Safai Karmachari Andolan, a national movement committed to the eradication of manual scavenging and rehabilitation of scavengers, blames lack of initiative on the part of authorities in emptying the tanks mechanically.
Stop Hunger Now , whose mission is to end hunger in our lifetime by providing food and life-saving aid to the world's most vulnerable and by creating a global commitment to mobilize the necessary resources, nominated by Vamsi Bezwada of Columbus, Ohio.
William Mackie, deputy division chief, Engineer Division, OSD/Joint Staff; Michael Krieger, director of information policy, OSD/Chief Information Officer; Ellen Embrey, deputy assistant secretary of defense for force health protection and readiness; Hari Bezwada, director of the Information Technology Systems Project Office, Department of the Army; Reed Mosher, technical director for Survivability and Protective Structures, Army; Pasquale Tamburrino, assistant deputy Chief of Naval Operations, Fleet Logistics and Readiness, Department of the Navy; and William Borger, Propulsion Directorate, Air Force Research Laboratory, Department of the Air Force.
Bezwada, who has more than 25 years of research experience in the medical device industry, including 20 years of service at Ethicon (Johnson & Johnson) prior to establishing Bezwada Biomedical in 2003," said Bob Ward, CEO of PTG.
The acquisition also includes Orthocon's exclusive worldwide license agreement with Bezwada Biomedical which gives Abyrx the right to develop, manufacture, and commercialize Bezwada's settable polyurethane technology for bone applications.
Joseph Besselman Air Force Hari Bezwada Army Sam Bodman Treasury Department Kenneth Buetow National Cancer Institute Brian Burns Bureau of Indian Affairs Col.
Also in 2011, ORTHOCON announced a strategic partnership with Bezwada Biomedical which gave ORTHOCON worldwide rights to develop and market Bezwada's absorbable polyurethane technology for bone applications.