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Noun1.Bhaga - Hindu god of wealth and love
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Follow the gurgling Bhaga River to the village of Darcha, one of the highest summer pastures in the world.
Modi raha hai, Chor, mafia bhaga ja raha hai ( Coined by a BJP worker, it means thieves and criminals are running away because Modi is on his way to power.
Nomadic pastoralisrs From Changthang are probably driving the sheep and Pashmina goats back from the market (possibly the annual fair at Patseo on the Bhaga river) where their wool would have been shorn.
The road construction would also include the building of nearly 250 culverts and four big bridges on several streams and rivers like the Ujh, Bhaga Nullah , Tarnah Nullah and Bei Nullah.
Unlike the ancient counterparts, the inscriptions compiled here are silent on the sources of public revenue collected from land, trade, crafts and manufactured goods exchanged in market such as bhoga, bhaga, trikara, shulka, hiranya, shravanika, or maryadapana.
Bhavisha Bhaga, who works at the centre, said: "It was very successful.
Sarai Bhaga, a senior analyst for the City Administrative Officer, said a report based on a three-month citywide study on the effectiveness of the parking meter rates is expected to be completed in mid-September.
It was later refined by Bhaga and Weber (1981), who also further divided the spherical cap regime into several regimes, including: oblate ellipsoidal cap, spherical cap with closed/open wake, and skirted with smooth/wavy skirt.
Randy Bhaga -- "As a woman with multiple sclerosis, I have found that playing the Wii has offered me both a chance to use my body and my mind.
If undertaken in accordance with dharma, then his legal, conjugal "enjoyments" including bhaga, 'the regular share in the crops by way of land-revenue' (Derrett 1976, p.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Mining and Drilling Equipments for Koderma, Nirsa Bhaga
13ab: uta syd devah savita bhdgo no, 'pam napad avatu paprih Auch der Gott Savitri, Bhaga, Apam ,naben Spendende, sllen uns ihre Gunt schenken.