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1114-1185? Indian mathematician who wrote the first work containing a systematic use of the decimal system.
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International: Sahiti Bhaskara, MPH, BDS Anthony Westwater Jong Memorial Community Dental Health Pre-Professional Student Award sponsored by Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals: Lisa Simon, DMD; William Allan Jacobson, MPH
Bhaskara Rao (2014), The Curriculum of School Subjects: Issues and Concerns.
The black money funding for polls is the mother of all corruption in our nation," CMS Chairman N Bhaskara Rao said.
Bhaskara born; a Hindu astronomer; believed in a spherical earth.
Bhaskara Rao, chairman of the New Delhi- based Centre for Media Studies.
The site is "jet powered" by a passionate group of contributors - Eric Dunetz, Vinay Bhaskara, Jack Harty, Dan Landsman, Taylor Michie, Seth Miller, Enrique Perrella, Jason Rabinowitz, and Howard Slutsken - whose efforts truly make a difference.
Harihara Varma (55), son of Bhaskara Varma was found dead in the house of his neighbour Haridas' daughter near Vattiyoorkavu in the outskirts of the capital city.
4) (a) Examples of Assamese script, formerly known as Kamarupi script, were found in epigraphic records in the copperplates of King Bhaskara Varma dated 601 CE.
My son, who is studying in Class V, was confined in a room with two other students for the entire day from 7:30am to 2:15pm," Karthikeyan Bhaskara Pillai, father of Ajeesh Karthikeyan, told Times of Oman.
36) As for "softer" initiatives, the RSN cooperated with the Indonesian navy in OPERASI SURYA BHASKARA JAYA, a naval, socio-civic activity aimed at community development in underdeveloped Indonesian provinces.
One of the first significant Indian texts on pOtigonito (arithmetic) to follow the magisterial Lilavati composed by BhAskara II in the mid-twelfth century, the Gunitaseirakaumudi (ca.
Emma Breault, Kaltra Dima, Sarah Doyle, Chriseda Geddes, Adamantia Giannakis, Mufaddal Jafferji, Panagiota Kakouros, Lorna Karaj, Bhaskara Kasu, Christina Lauring, Erion Lipo, Danielle Magidov, Vanessa Marcotte, Tri Nguyen, Jonathan Quang, Shannon Watterson and Hanbing Zhou received academic degrees during spring commencement exercises at Boston University.