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A Korean dish of rice topped by cooked, seasoned vegetables such as spinach, carrots, and mushrooms, and often red pepper paste, sliced beef or other meat, and a raw or fried egg. The ingredients are mixed together by the diner before eating, often in a hot stone bowl.

[Korean : bibim, a mixing (from bibida, to mix + -m, nominalizing suffix) + bap, cooked grains, cooked rice.]
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Dolsot bi bim bap turned out to be mixed vegetables, pieces of beef and vegetables over rice with a spicy sauce in a very hot stone bowl.
A big, soupy, tofu hot pot for two ($20 or $25) served anytime and a bi bim bap lunch dish of rice topped with vegetables, a fried egg and chile paste ($5.
Korean-style bap (steamed rice) dishes can be had as an appetizer as beef sam bap ($9) which is sesame and pine nuts mixed with rice in lettuce cups plus miso-sauced sirloin, or as the main course dol sot bi bim bap ($16).