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 (ăr′əl, âr′-)
A compound containing benzene or another aromatic hydrocarbon, or a univalent group derived from such a compound by removal of a hydrogen atom attached to the aromatic ring.


1. (Elements & Compounds) (modifier) chem of, consisting of, or containing an aromatic group: aryl group or radical.
2. (Elements & Compounds) an organometallic compound in which a metal atom is bound to an aryl group
[C20: from ar(omatic) + -yl]


(ˈær ɪl)

an organic group derived from an aromatic compound by removing a hydrogen atom, as phenyl from benzene.
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The title of his research was "Synthesis of Novel Biaryl Type Heterocyclic P, P- and P, N- Ligands".
9 C2 Chiral Biaryl Unit-Based Helical Polymers and Their Application to Asymmetric Catalysis Takeshi Maeda and Toshikazu Takata
Nitro-activated aryl halides are precursors to biaryl compounds which constitute the cornerstone of pharmaceutical industry, either through the century old Ullmann coupling or the more recent C-H functionalization methods.
Bruce Lipshutz, Professor of Organic Chemistry at the University of California Santa Barbara, demonstrated that the use of Zymes' PTS can be applied to three diverse types of widely used chemical reactions (Suzuki-Miyaura biaryl couplings, Heck reactions, and intermolecular olefin cross-metathesis) that now proceed with water-insoluble materials, with water as the only solvent.
Structure-based Design of a New Class of Biaryl Florfenicol Antibiotics Session Day / Time: 9/13/2010 11:15:00 AM - 1:15:00 PM
Gram quantities of biaryl compounds have been synthesized by gradual scale up of vials' sizes, a proof that this method can be used to reduce industrial waste en route to sustainability.