n.1.A great drinker; a tippler.
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Reiter, Keramet and Susan Bibler Coutin 2017 "Crossing Borders and Criminalizing Identity: The Disintegrated Subjects of Administrative Sanctions.
This is the condition for creativity in the quest for truth, justice and liberty, for as the Russian philosopher Vladimir Bibler observed, 'Culture can live and develop, as culture, only on the borders of cultures' (Epstein, 1995, 291).
The Goodwin team was led by partners Stuart Cable and David Henken and associates Eric Carlson and Evan Segal and included partners Stephen Charkoudian, Daniel Karelitz, Natascha George, Andrea Murino, Gregory Bibler, Richard Matheny, Bradford Smith and Andrew Sucoff; senior attorney Ai Tajima; counsel Brian Mukherjee, Todd Hahn, Stephanie Philbin, Jacqueline Klosek and Jacob Osborn; and associates Brian Fleming, Rachel Mitchell Smith, Kyle Pine and Monica Patel.
Jared Bibler, head of enforcement for the blue-chip SIX Swiss Exchange, has opined that more market manipulation cases could yet be reported.
Haylen Janesofsky and Spencer Bibler led the Pirates (19-8, 14-2) with 13 points each.
Likewise, it must, as Michael Bibler teaches us, turn to the nineteenth century and investigate how the slave system rendered "not only the thingification of the object, but the thingification of the subject as well," consolidating controls over commodity and laborer.
April--West Fraser announces it's buying Bibler Brothers Lumber, a Russellville sawmill and lumber manufacturer that produced about 136 million bf in 2013.
James Bibler, president of D4 Industries, a small machining company where Sullivan worked last summer, is fine with her, too.
This Research Brief is based on WIDER Working Paper 2013/131 'The care connection: The World Bank and women's unpaid care work in select sub-Saharan African countries', by Sarah Bibler and Elaine Zuckerman.
Bibler, and Cecile Accilien as well as Jon Smith and Deborah Cohn for comprehensive surveys of the transnational US South.
Susan Bibler Coutin, The Oppressed, the Suspect, and the Citizen: Subjectivity in Competing Accounts of Political Violence, 26 Law & Soc.
If Lurie challenges our sense of Faulkner's purview by reexamining the visual aesthetics of his literary historiography, Michael Bibler urges a reconsideration of both the modernist and the Southern literary canons by recovering the life and work of Murrell Edmunds, a little-known radical writer of Virginia origin.