a.1.Pertaining to the art of binding books.
References in classic literature ?
Now, tell me--didn't you make that hat blow off on purpose?
Only now did Pierre realize the full strength of life in man and the saving power he has of transferring his attention from one thing to another, which is like the safety valve of a boiler that allows superfluous steam to blow off when the pressure exceeds a certain limit.
Man Alan," said I, "ye are neither very wise nor very Christian to blow off so many words of anger.
When it is done, remove it; blow off all the ashes but one layer; butter that one and eat.
I must blow off the steam, or I shall explode in my pink jacket on the spot
and if natur can't blow off one way, it will another.
Then that launch would give one final shriek of a whistle that would nearly burst the boiler, and she would reverse her engines, and blow off steam, and swing round and get aground; everyone on board of it would rush to the bow and yell at us, and the people on the bank would stand and shout to us, and all the other passing boats would stop and join in, till the whole river for miles up and down was in a state of frantic commotion.
Ah, if only her hat would blow off, and leave her altogether disheveled, accepting it from his hands!