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n. Usage Problem
A biceps, especially of the front upper arm.
Usage Note: The anatomical term for the muscle is biceps. The usual plural form of this word is identical to the singular: one biceps, two biceps. The word bicep is a back-formation created out of the mistaken impression that biceps is a regular English plural formed by adding -s to a singular noun. It is widely considered an error.


(ˈbaɪ sɛp)
a biceps muscle, esp. the one at the front of the upper arm.
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The Bicep group said in their original paper that dust could be a factor, and the Planck group says Bicep may still have something.
While BICEP researchers insist their signal was imprinted on the universe's oldest light, Knox and other researchers fear that the light came from a more mundane source: interstellar dust in our own galaxy.
Their blog of the same name – Feel My Bicep – has created a musical haven of past, present and future house, disco, italo and techno.
After each of his two rushing touchdowns, the 25-year-old celebrated by kissing his bicep and now everybody's mimicking the gesture, posting photos of it on Twitter and Facebook, the paper said.
I'm gutted with the result and, to top it off, I ruptured a bicep and need an operation," said Mitchell.
Son Paul, who has a few inches over his dad in height at 5ft 9in has similar statistics with chest 49ins, waist 30ins and biceps 17.
Also, only attempt a bicep workout when your arms are not tired and you feel fresh.
We can work the arms in a variety of different ways, such as doing compound exercises for the upper body which require us to use a number of muscle groups including the triceps and biceps.
We're excited to join Ceres' BICEP coalition and use the power of eBay, PayPal and our other leading brands to promote climate-friendly actions.
He ended up with biceps like Rafa Nadal and a new 19-year-old girlfriend.
He said: "I felt pain in my bicep straightaway after that ball, so I stopped.
Someone bumped into him with the elbow and it ruptured his bicep," Wakefield coach Brian Smith said.