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Of or relating to a type of furniture developed in Germany during the first half of the 19th century and modeled after French Empire styles.

[After Gottlieb Biedermeier, the unsophisticated imaginary author of poems written by Ludwig Eichrodt (1827-1892) and others.]


1. (Furniture) of or relating to a decorative and furnishing style in mid-19th-century Germany, characterized by solidity and conventionality
2. boringly conventional in outlook; bourgeois
[C19: after Gottlieb Biedermeier, a fictitious character portrayed as a conventional unimaginative bourgeois and the author of poems actually written by several satirical poets]


(ˈbi dərˌmaɪ ər)

of or designating a style of furniture and decoration popular in German-speaking areas in the early to middle 19th century, generally a simplification of French Directoire and Empire styles.
[1900–05; after Gottlieb Biedermeier]
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Adj.1.Biedermeier - of or relating to a style of furniture developed in Germany in the 19th centuryBiedermeier - of or relating to a style of furniture developed in Germany in the 19th century
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Or Asian objets 'd art, 1940s Biedemeier furnishings and Modernist black-and-white photography mixed with a leopard skin rug or animal-print fabrics.
Arts and Crafts furnishings are paired with contemporary Asian prints and ceramics, stylish Deco-era Biedemeier pieces are coupled with Old Masters, and today's leading edge sculptures often find a home in traditional settings.