beer garden

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beer garden

An outdoor tavern or an outdoor area adjoining a tavern where alcohol is served.

[Translation of German Biergarten : Bier, beer + Garten, garden.]

beer′ gar`den

an outdoor tavern where beer and other alcoholic beverages are served.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: garden - tavern with an outdoor area (usually resembling a garden) where beer and other alcoholic drinks are servedbeer garden - tavern with an outdoor area (usually resembling a garden) where beer and other alcoholic drinks are served
tap house, tavern - a building with a bar that is licensed to sell alcoholic drinks
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The Harbor Garden Tent is transformed once again to an expansive biergarten for the most authentic beer festival in the country.
Wursthalle, the "Gross Zelt," and the "Klein Zelt" -- big and small tents -- a craft biergarten and the Marktplatz fill the grounds with music, food and dancing.
Biergarten Mirkovic, including the necessary geodetic work in class accuracy for recovery cadastre Decree no.
Der Biergarten recently reinvigorated what had been a vacant lot with a stacked tap list, giant pretzels, and games of comhole.
There is no place in the Capital District area that offers the beer selection we do," points out Sam Leamy, general manager of Wolff's Biergarten in Schenectady, NY.
The rest of the space is devoted to a tap room, restaurant and biergarten.
Crew, Whole Foods, We Work, New York Sports Club, Mast Brothers Chocolate Factory, Radegast Hall & Biergarten and, opening this fall, G-Star.
go to my favourite sushi place in Vienna, go to a Biergarten in Munich, take a walk, see what's changed:' She's also an avid consumer of culture.
Includes a biergarten, weingarten and plenty of Bavarian food in celebration of the harvest time; oktoberfest.
The soon-to-open Paulaner Biergarten will be located in an over 100-year-old wooden structure, which has been relocated especially to host a Bavarian Paulaner restaurant.
Washington, Apr 22 ( ANI ): Maria Sharapova celebrated her 27th birthday by visiting the annual Stuttgarter Fruehlingsfest, a spring festival and biergarten in Stuttgart, on Saturday.