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 (bī′fər-kāt′, bī-fûr′-)
v. bi·fur·cat·ed, bi·fur·cat·ing, bi·fur·cates
To divide into two parts or branches.
To separate into two parts or branches; fork.
adj. (-kāt′, -kĭt)
Forked or divided into two parts or branches, as the Y-shaped styles of certain flowers.

[Medieval Latin bifurcāre, bifurcāt-, to divide, from Latin bifurcus, two-pronged : bi-, two; see bi-1 + furca, fork.]

bi′fur·cate′ly adv.
bi′fur·ca′tion n.
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Noun1.bifurcation - a bifurcating branch (one or both of them)bifurcation - a bifurcating branch (one or both of them)
bifurcation - the place where something divides into two branches
ramification, branch, leg - a part of a forked or branching shape; "he broke off one of the branches"
2.bifurcation - the place where something divides into two branchesbifurcation - the place where something divides into two branches
forking, furcation - the place where something divides into branches
bifurcation - a bifurcating branch (one or both of them)
3.bifurcation - the act of splitting into two branchesbifurcation - the act of splitting into two branches
branching, ramification, fork, forking - the act of branching out or dividing into branches


nGabelung f


n. bifurcación, división en dos ramas o direcciones.
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Recent large scale clinical studies, such as SYNTAX and LEADERS, have shown that lesions located at vessel bifurcations increase the frequency of major adverse cardiac events by as much as 40% compared to lesions in straight vessel segments.
Bifurcations have been difficult to treat with conventional stents since those stents are designed to support a single cylinder, not a cylinder with an offshoot in the middle.
Recently I had successful outcomes treating two patients with cases of complex true bifurcations - including one with left main disease, which can be very difficult to treat.
I am pleased to have the opportunity to test the effectiveness of this unique stent design to treat bifurcations without having to crush stents, deform struts or jail the side branch.
Moreover, we will make longer-length stents available in 2010, enhancing our broad product line and Cappella's position as the leading company in the treatment of bifurcations.
AST was issued certificates this month for EC Design-Examination (Medical Devices) and for CE Marking of Conformity (Medical Devices) for Coronary stents and delivery systems (Class III) and for Coronary stents for bifurcations and delivery systems (Class III).
Atherosclerosis [the most common form of arteriosclerosis, in which calcium and fatty substances form a deposit of plaque on the inner walls of arteries] commonly occurs at bifurcations.
Over the past two months, I have subjected the Tryton Stent to robust challenges in complex bifurcations and am happy to state that it has become an important tool for treating my patients with bifurcation lesions.
amp; PARIS -- Medical device pioneer Stentys, founded in 2006 to develop a new-generation stent designed for treatment of acute myocardial infarction (AMI) and coronary artery bifurcations, announced today that it has received CE Mark approval of its disconnectable and self-expanding platform for treatment of coronary artery bifurcations.
The data, published in the March 23, 2009 issue of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, show high rates of clinical success and low rates of restenosis compared to other studies of bifurcations.
These exciting results lead me to believe that the Stentys bifurcated stent has the potential to make the treatment of blocked coronary artery bifurcations as simple and effective as a conventional stenting procedure," said Dr.