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Of or relating to a cosmological theory proposing that the known universe originated in the collision of two other three-dimensional universes traveling in a hidden fourth dimension. This scenario does not require a singularity at the moment of the Big Bang.

[Greek ekpurōsis, conflagration, cyclically recurring conflagration in which the universe is destroyed and reborn according to Stoic philosophy (from ex, ek, out of; see eghs in Indo-European roots + pūr, pur-, fire; see paəwr̥ in Indo-European roots + -ōsis, n. suff.) + -otic.]
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And it's going to be aa I'm going to have a big crash down after this.
I am even not thinking about how many games are left or how many games are left to make a big crash.
We make less mistakes last few games and we won, in the past five games, ten points and then we had a big crash and a big accident against Brentford where we could do it better from a different situation.
BMW's Jordi Torres suffered a big crash at Turn 5 and ended the race in the grave .
That is the report card on the governance of the public finances of the United Kingdom since the big crash of 2008.
lt;B Riders carry their bikes over the line after the big crash in Yorkshire
There was not one big crash but multiple instances of cars being crumpled in a series of pile-ups.
The race, which started behind the safety car after a 10- minute delay, was stopped for the first time after 20 of 71 scheduled laps when Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen had a big crash on the pit straight after losing control.
Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) is out of prison for insider trading, and has a new plan to make money on the back of another big crash.
It was a big crash on the first bend with me, Sebastian Ulamek and Michal Szczepaniak, and we all went straight into the fence together," explained Harris.
It was unfortunate that Dilantha lost traction in the first practice session and suffered a big crash which damaged the car badly.
In race two, another big crash on the first corner forced him into the gravel.