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Of or relating to a cosmological theory proposing that the known universe originated in the collision of two other three-dimensional universes traveling in a hidden fourth dimension. This scenario does not require a singularity at the moment of the Big Bang.

[Greek ekpurōsis, conflagration, cyclically recurring conflagration in which the universe is destroyed and reborn according to Stoic philosophy (from ex, ek, out of; see eghs in Indo-European roots + pūr, pur-, fire; see paəwr̥ in Indo-European roots + -ōsis, n. suff.) + -otic.]
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SPANISH Formula One driver Carlos Sainz was still hoping to race in Sunday's Russian GrandPrixdespite missing qualifying and being kept in hospital overnight after a big crash in final practice.
It was a big crash on the first bend with me, Sebastian Ulamek and Michal Szczepaniak, and we all went straight into the fence together," explained Harris.
Cavendish told Cycling News: "It was a big crash but I don't know how it happened.
It was unfortunate that Dilantha lost traction in the first practice session and suffered a big crash which damaged the car badly.
The youngster crossed the line 10th after bouncing back from a tough qualifying and a big crash in warm-up.
The youngster crossed the line 10th on Sunday afternoon after bouncing back from a tough qualifying and a big crash in warm-up.
Spaniard Contador suffered the injury in a big crash in the frantic sprint finish on Thursday's sixth stage, but started the 264km seventh stage from Grosseto to Fiuggi.
In race two, another big crash on the first corner forced him into the gravel.
It was quite a big crash so the car must have been going at a considerable speed.
Just three minutes after we got out of the room, we heard a big crash.
Another big crash on Sunday morning - how many more deaths and accidents on this road before someone acts?
However, a big crash left only a handful of riders in the hunt and as Goss faded it was Cavendish who came from behind to snatch the win by a wheel.