n.1.A bigamist.
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The town's administrative chief, Amanuddin Quraishi said that the firefight erupted after the Taliban rebels stormed police check-posts in Qarghan Tapa and Jovi Bigam localities of Imam Sahib district.
In northern Kunduz province, four militants and two local police men, including a commander, were killed during a clash in the Imam Sahib district as militants stormed their post in the Joi Bigam area on Saturday night.
nternational Stadiwhich will be their ng camp until they the region next is the second bigam ever to compete stralia in track and since competing in urne in 2006.
Bigam Testamentary Family and Marital Trusts; Web Service Co.
Premade Pie Crusts have been one of items that our customers have been requesting for some time," says Jerry Bigam, president and CEO.
Ryan EA, Paty BW, Senior PA, Bigam D, Alfadhli E, Kneteman NM, Lakey JR, Shapiro AM.
CONTACT: Kate Bigam, Religious Action Center, +1-202-387-2800
Jerry Bigam, CEO of Edmonton-based Kinnikinnick Foods, Edmonton, AB, is changing that paradigm while carving out a dominant position in the specialty-food market.
When Jim Bigam was hired as security director at Medina Hospital Center in Medina, Ohio, three years ago, he faced several challenges.
The CD, Crazy Maker, is a collection of songs written by Gagnon and performed along with fellow musicians and band mates John Sorensen, Don McLelland, Trevor Bigam, Justin Frey, Jeremy Blattner, Dianna McNolty, Arnold Faber and Suzy Wigmore.
Making our products certified kosher was a natural choice for us," shared Kinnikinnick Foods' President and CEO Jerry Bigam.
Jangal, Gunbad, Hijran, Yakhamchal, Albirodi, Ishanan, Urtablaqi, Ishantop, Khan Abadian, Durahi, Kharoti, Qatarbalaq, Joi Bigam, Konchak, Toyachi, Sanglaq and Arbab Azam localities were now under Taliban control, h said, a claim rejected by local officials as absurd.