v. t. & i.1.To make or become big; to enlarge.
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biere [From bien, biggen [OE bycgan] 'buy; redeem'] 'a buyer or purchaser' (1200 MED); 'a purchasing agent (as of the King, a guild)' (1422 MED); birlester [?
En die kinderen, biggen, die aan het spit geroosterd moeten worden
From this experience he attained a flying scholarship to join the RAF and took part in their first fast jet course flying De Havilland Vampires from RAF Biggen Hill.
This articule shows results on a series of lab tests intended to substitute the electronic voltaje regulator used in asincronous motors by a simple and practical easy to build system option; this motors are used as generators in micro-hydroelectric generation plants located in isolated areas unable to get any connection to a biggen generation plant.
City landlord Mick Carty, of the Biggen Hall pub in Binley Road, who until this week used to feed the ducks every day for almost a year, said: "I used to go down there morning and night to feed the ducks.
Das crow ben gefoolen der dumbisch peacockers und iss sooner becomen ein biggen shotten mit rulen der roosten.
We booked him into his hotel under the name Mr Biggen.
Limousin x heifers: pounds 660 & pounds 655 West Biggen; pounds 652 & pounds 640 Thornley Hall; pounds 630 West Biggen