Bighorn Mountains

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Big′horn Moun′tains
a mountain range in N Wyoming, part of the Rocky Mountains. Highest peak, 13,165 ft. (4013 m). Also called Big′horns`.
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These they supposed to be the Bighorn Mountains, so called from the animal of that name, with which they abound.
Fourteen young people from Casper, ranging in age from 10-18 years, and their adult leaders set up camp at the BLM-administered Five Springs Falls Campground, nestled along the west slope of the Bighorn Mountains, 22 miles east of Lovell.
I moved to Wyoming in 1982, and my bowhunting adventures began in 1983 with an elk/mule deer hunt in the Bighorn Mountains.
Sheridan, Wyoming, is a beautiful smaller city with dramatic views of the Bighorn Mountains and a rich western history, but as an appraiser in this community of about 17,000 people (30,000 countywide), I regularly face several major challenges: highest and best use, lack of available comparable sales or market data, competition, and conflict of interest.
Bureau of Land Management is preparing to reopen a metal grate over the opening to offer scientists what may be their best look yet at the variety of critters that roamed the foothills of the Bighorn Mountains during the planet's last glacial period around 25,000 years ago.
The cave, formed by the collapse of limestone bedrock at the base of the Bighorn Mountains, became a tomb for thousands of ancient mammals that stumbled into the 15-foot-wide mouth of the sinkhole, then concealed by vegetation, and plunged to their deaths.
Joe Pickett, the nice game warden who keeps stupid hunters from maiming themselves or blasting at animals with automatic weapons, gallantly plays backup for his falconer friend Nate Romanowski in this violent, bloody and quite satisfying thriller set in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming.
The Crow herd ranges on the plateau of the northern tip of the Bighorn Mountains, where the high country drops down from Wyoming into Montana and the valley of the Bighorn River.
She and her husband of 20 years own a convenience store in Dayton, a community at the foot of the Bighorn Mountains.
I think of it as rising somewhere in the Bighorn Mountains.
In exchange, they were guaranteed the western part of present-day South Dakota as a reservation and the use of vast hunting grounds that extended west to the Bighorn Mountains.
The basin nestles between three mountain ranges, the Carter and Owl Creek Mountains to the west and southwest and the Bighorn Mountains to the east.