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Noun1.Acer macrophyllum - maple of western North America having large 5-lobed leaves orange in autumnAcer macrophyllum - maple of western North America having large 5-lobed leaves orange in autumn
maple - any of numerous trees or shrubs of the genus Acer bearing winged seeds in pairs; north temperate zone
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A 119-foot Bigleaf Maple estimated to be as old as 400 years and growing on BLM-managed land off Highway 126 between Eugene and Florence was added to the list last year, and a 24-foot Pacific Rhododendron (above) on private property in Florence has been on the list since 2006.
This former national bigleaf maple champion was also the third biggest broadleaf tree in the country.
chrysolepis) is most common and are less abundant or absent in riparian areas where white alder (Alnus rhombifolia) and bigleaf maple (Acer macrophyllum) are common.
Red maple, sliver maple, Pacific maple, Oregon maple, bigleaf maple
New to the list is a Bigleaf Maple that grows on BLM-managed land near Highway 126 between Eugene and Florence.
To complement nearby stands of alder and bigleaf maple, volunteers have made extensive plantings of smaller trees and shrubs, like Sitka willow, red willow, Arroyo willow, and creek dogwood.
Madrone and bigleaf maple are in demand, while disease brings down enough rock elm and red elm to maintain a steady stock.
One is the bigleaf maple, nearly as old as the university itself, that grows near Deady Hall.
Bigleaf Maple (543 points): The nation's biggest maple, and our third biggest broadleaf tree.
David Wagner of Washington State University will talk about the reproductive strategies for bigleaf maple and other unique plant species at 7:30 p.
Otherwise, the list of megatrees stayed the same except that the newly remeasured bigleaf maple grew 116 points, allowing it to join the megatree club.