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n. pl. Bihari or Bi·ha·ris
1. A native or inhabitant of Bihar.
2. The Indic language of the Bihari.


npl Bihari or Biharis
1. (Peoples) a member of an Indian people living chiefly in Bihar but also in other parts of NW India and Bangladesh
2. (Languages) the language of this people, comprising a number of highly differentiated dialects, belonging to the Indic branch of the Indo-European family
3. (Placename) of or relating to this people, their language, or Bihar
4. (Languages) of or relating to this people, their language, or Bihar
5. (Peoples) of or relating to this people, their language, or Bihar


(bɪˈhɑr i)

n., pl. -ris.
1. a native or inhabitant of Bihar.
2. an Indo-Aryan language of Bihar.
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Noun1.Bihari - the Indic language spoken in Bihar (and by some people in Pakistan and Bangladesh)
Sanskrit, Sanskritic language - (Hinduism) an ancient language of India (the language of the Vedas and of Hinduism); an official language of India although it is now used only for religious purposes
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The argument led to them forming two groups of Punjabis and Biharis.
Taking umbrage at the remark, the wily Nitish has sent the ball back in Modi's court by launching a 'shabd wapasi" (withdraw the words) program; and his party JD(U) has embarked on a drive of collecting five million DNA samples of Biharis and sending them to Modi.
She gave Bangladesh as an example, where a court issued in 2008 a ruling conferring the citizenship for nearly 300,000 Urdu-speaking people, known as Biharis.
DHAKA -- Violent clashes between Bengalis and Urdu-speaking Biharis on Saturday left 10 people dead in Mirpur area here over the use of firecrackers overnight to celebrate an Islamic festival.
At the outset of hearing, Rashid-ul-Haq Qazi counsel for SPGRC informed the court that Bangladesh government offered citizenship to these Biharis but they refused to adopt Bangladeshi citizenship and stressed to move back to Pakistan.
Quite obviously, it demanded for the expulsion of outsiders which included even Bengalis or Biharis (7).
People from Bihar, a huge, backward and impoverished state in India's northeast, represent one of Thackeray's principal targets 6 he has now accused Biharis of committing not only the much-publicized gang-rape in Delhi, but also a disproportionate amount of sexual assaults in the country.
The general attitude of Biharis has become positive under the present government and people feel that education is essential for their growth.
It is heartening that Biharis living away from Bihar have been able to attain success in establishing their identity across the world.
According to the UNHCR, examples of protracted situations of statelessness include the Biharis in Bangladesh; the Bidoons in Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia; some Kurds in Syria; and the Muslim population of Myanmar.
A recent but rapidly growing group of films is of those made in dialects of Hindi including forms which may be understood as non-officially recognized languages, notably Bhojpuri, which is spoken to the east of the Hindi belt, notably by Biharis, who form large segments of working-class urban populations, notably in Kolkata and Mumbai.
In its four decades of history, there have been many such programmes--the party first began by asking south Indians to get out of the city, then shifted for a brief moment to Gujaratis, then became an aggressive, anti-Muslim, Hindutva spouting party and is now railing against "north Indians" which translates as Biharis and UPiites.