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Noun1.bilateral contract - a contract involving mutual promises (each party is both promisor and promisee)bilateral contract - a contract involving mutual promises (each party is both promisor and promisee)
contract - a binding agreement between two or more persons that is enforceable by law
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Bakhtiar said during the meeting, "The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan would not repeat the bilateral agreement known the agreement 30 June, of extending the presidency of the region.
The Federal and Victorian Governments have today taken the next step towards streamlining environmental assessments and establishing a One-Stop Shop with the release of a draft assessment bilateral agreement.
The EU-Israel agreement nullifies the bilateral agreement but hasn't yet been put into effect since Cyprus hasn't ratified it.
Expansion plans into the highly lucrative Indian market by Air Arabia, flydubai, or any other UAE carrier is dependent on a new bilateral agreement between the UAE and Indian government.
ISLAMABAD -- As many as 72 Pakistanis imprisoned in Sri Lankan and Thai jails have been repatriated under the Bilateral Agreement on Transfer of Offenders signed with the two countries.
19 ( ANI ): The Sri Lankan government has transferred 29 Indian prisoners to India under bilateral agreement between both countries, the Indian High Commission in Colombo said on Monday.
For his part, Omirou said that during the meeting, "there was an exchange of views on the bilateral agreement on the EEZ of the two countries, in addition to means of cooperation to benefit from exploiting natural resources in the sea between Lebanon and Cyprus.
has already concluded a bilateral agreement with the U.
BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: An Iraqi Parliamentary Delegation is discussing in Turkey nowadays a group of suspended dossiers between the two neighboring states, most significant of which is the water distribution problem, an Iraqi Legislature said, pointing out that both sides have agreed to conclude a bilateral agreement to organize and secure Iraq's water share.
Under this agreement, any EU airline will be able to operate flights between any EU Member State and Turkey, where a bilateral agreement with Turkey exists and traffic rights are available.
The announcement by the central bank of Malaysia followed a bilateral agreement this month between the China Banking Regulatory Commission and Bank Negara Malaysia.
negotiators pulled out the bilateral agreement and pressed for a signature.