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1. Having or formed of two sides; two-sided.
2. Affecting or undertaken by two sides equally; binding on both parties: a bilateral agreement; bilateral negotiations.
3. Relating to both the right and the left side of the body or of a body structure: bilateral mastectomy.
4. Having or marked by bilateral symmetry.

bi·lat′er·al·ism n.
bi·lat′er·al·ly adv.
bi·lat′er·al·ness n.


the practice of being bilateral


the practice of promoting trade between two countries through agreements concerning quantity and price of commodities. Cf. multilateralism.bilateralistic, adj.
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Noun1.bilateralism - the property of being symmetrical about a vertical planebilateralism - the property of being symmetrical about a vertical plane
symmetricalness, symmetry, correspondence, balance - (mathematics) an attribute of a shape or relation; exact reflection of form on opposite sides of a dividing line or plane
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The meeting between a man certified as an enemy combatant and his mother and wife was an unusual display of bilateral diplomacy even by the sulky Indo-Pak standards.
SAARC is beyond bilateral diplomacy and cooperation.
I, for once, would not like to believe that bilateral diplomacy has exhausted itself,' Abdul Basit remarked recalling Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's remarks at UN General Assembly that Pakistan desired to have a normal, co-operative relationship with India and resolve all problems peacefully.
He claims that multilateral diplomacy has been "a constant of Indonesian foreign policy" over bilateral diplomacy (p.
However, as I have had to deal more often with multilateral rather than bilateral diplomacy I have been inclined to the view as set out in the introduction to the Oxford Handbook of Modern Diplomacy.
The current level of bilateral diplomacy may not prevent confrontation.
However, it is consistent with prior mawkishness that the administration has demonstrated toward Iran's leadership during Rouhani's two visits to New York for the United Nations General Assembly meetings--an unseemly, artless pursuit of some personal affinity in hopes of advancing bilateral diplomacy.
IGAD is the shell organization in which the highly conflicted Horn of Africa periodically engages its members multilaterally to avoid direct bilateral diplomacy that may result in losing face.
What is needed is more intense bilateral diplomacy among Asian governments to settle long-standing disputes.
both bilateral diplomacy and multilateral ties between our two states, Ambassador of Ukraine to Armenia Ivan Kukhta said in an
Taking advantage of the presence of nearly all heads of state/governments of Asean countries except Philippines which will be represented by its vice-president, Manmohan Singh has decided to engage in intense bilateral diplomacy with individual Asean nations.
Those "tools" include a three-track approach by Manila--talks with Asean and international partners, bilateral diplomacy with Beijing and research into taking unilateral legal action to formally dispute China's claim under the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.

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