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n.1.(Zool.) A large American serpent, so called from the sound it makes.
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Staccato has remained incredibly competitive by offering lower costs and a smaller bill of materials, due to the implementation of its Ripcord, single-chip, all-CMOS solutions in these reference designs," said Fiona Thomson, Market Analyst, IMS Research.
A Bill of Materials for each project summarizes the components included in the project, their licenses, the approval status of each component, and whether the use of the component causes a company or license policy violation.
The TGA4530 also incorporates an on-chip power detector, thus reducing the bill of materials by eliminating the need for a discrete power detection circuit.
If your organization is ready to implement a new CMMS, make sure you update the bill of materials, standard job plans, equipment numbering, and asset numbering in the old system.
Plastics-oriented IQWin32 offers quotations, visual bill of materials, dynamic drag-and-drop scheduling, instant production reports, activity-based costing (ABC), inventory control, orders and shipments, financial management, invoicing, and purchasing functions.
Table 2: AIRAVE Processor Section Bill of Materials .
Table 13: RRU Fiber Optic Transceiver PCB Module Bill of Materials, Bottom.
It then generates a variety of custom reports and a bill of materials.
Table 14: RRU Fiber Optic Transceiver PCB Module Bill of Materials, Bottom 53
You won't see much news at the show in CAD software, except for a so-called "intelligent" mold-design package that automatically propagates changes made in one view to all other views and updates the bill of materials, too.