Billy the Kid

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Bil·ly the Kid

See William H. Bonney.

Billy the Kid

(Biography) nickname of William H. Bonney. 1859–81, US outlaw

Bil′ly the Kid′

(William H. Bonney) 1859–81, U.S. outlaw.
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Shine Like Stars feat TWISTED WHEEL, BILLY THE KID and THE PRETTY HICKEYS: Ku Bar, Stockton Tonight Entry: pounds 5/pounds 4/FREE
Loring's Billy the Kid, by contrast, highlighted all the weaknesses of the company.
A The best suggestion at this point is to follow the advice of Billy the Kid and never sit with your back to the door.
His roles at ABT included the Third Sailor in Fancy Free, the title role in Billy the Kid, the Head Wrangler in Rodeo, and Prince Siegfried in Swan Lake, among many others.
Billy the Kid,'' used the name of a friend, John T.
The most notable works produced from this project were Lew Christensen's Filling Station and Eugene Loring's Billy the Kid.
He is remembered fondly by American audiences for his performances with RDB at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City in 1988 and by Orange County audiences for his critically praised debut in Eugene Loring's Billy the Kid at the University of California, Irvine, in 1989.
A RARE photo of Billy the Kid, bought from an American flea market for just $10 could be worth millions of pounds.
BORN BILLY the Kid, US outlaw, 1859 MILEY Cyrus, US singer, 1992, above MERV Hughes, Australian cricketer, 1961 DIED ROALD Dahl, British author, 1990 LARRY Hagman, US actor, 2012, above MARY Whitehouse, UK media activist, 2001
Support tonight comes from Billy The Kid - lead singer from Young Rebel Set and singer songwriter Scott Lloyd, who is Manchester based with Teesside roots.