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A mixture of methane and carbon dioxide produced by bacterial degradation of organic matter and used as a fuel.


(General Engineering) a gas that is produced by the action of bacteria on organic waste matter: used as a fuel


or bi•o-gas

(ˈbaɪ oʊˌgæs)

any gas fuel derived from the decay of organic matter, as the mixture of methane and carbon dioxide produced by the bacterial decomposition of sewage, manure, garbage, or plant crops.
bi`o•gas`i•fi•ca′tion, n.


Gas fuel that is obtained from living matter, such as ethanol from sugarcane or methane from decaying organic substances.


[ˈbaɪəʊgæs] Nbiogás m
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Construction of Bio-Gas Plant at Erattaimalai Srinivasan St in Dn-25, Unit-6, Zone-3 2.
Since bio-gas is a mixture of methane (also known as marsh gas or natural gas) and carbon dioxide, it is a renewable fuel produced from waste treatment.
The factory will reportedly be the first potato plant in Canada to use an environmentally-friendly bio-gas recovery and reuse system that will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
A by-product of the treatment process, bio-gas methane, is captured and combusted, primarily in the plant's boilers.
Tenders are invited for Setting up and operation of Bio-gas plant with electricity generation based on 3 Ton per day Segregated Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)
It is an endeavour for well-being of poor masses by providing them opportunities to implant Bio-Gas commodities to ease out pressure on power sector.
He said MoST is primarily involved in Research and Development activities for indigenization and demonstration of technologies of Solar Energy and Bio-Gas.
Technologies include using anaerobic digestion, where biological processes produce bio-gas from waste, and incineration.
64 million dollar tax exempt bond financing package to expand and complete construction of their two bio-gas plants in southern Idaho.
Packaging Corporation of America (NYSE: PKG) announced today the successful start-up of a bio-gas refinery to produce methane gas from wood fiber at its Filer City semi-chemical medium mill.
It is specially designed to run on gas fuels compressed natural gas (CNG), liquid petroleum gas (LPG) and now bio-gas.
He said 20,000 tube-wells would be operated with bio-gas and subsidy on them was being increased.