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1. Produced by living organisms or biological processes.
2. Necessary for the maintenance of life processes.


produced or originating from a living organism


(ˌbaɪ oʊˈdʒɛn ɪk)

1. resulting from the activity of living organisms, as fermentation.
2. necessary for the life process.
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Adj.1.biogenic - produced by living organisms or biological processes; "fermentation is a biogenic process"
2.biogenic - essential for maintaining the fundamental life processes; "sleep and food and water are among the biogenic needs of the organism"
essential - basic and fundamental; "the essential feature"
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Numerous monitoring conducted by the country's relevant bodies in order to examine the pollution level of Kura and Araz rivers and their tributariesrevealedthat the amount of biogenic substances in them isseveral times above the norm.
DAW collaborated with a leading German chemical company to replace its entire petroleum-based binders with renewable, biogenic substances, such as vegetable oils, waste fats, and biogas.
ESCOP is of the opinion that the core competence of academic education must refer to biogenic substances in their entirety.