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A rock formed from the remains of or physiologic action of organisms.

bi′o·lith′ic adj.
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Company Coverage of Glaucoma Treatment Industry: Biolite Israel, Pfizer Inc, Merck & Co.
In addition, the box comes with an pack divider - just fill it up with water and freeze it before popping it in the box to keep Biolite Camping Stove PS139.
There's also an ice pack divider to keep your BIOLITE CAMPING STOVE, PS139.
The Suprema devices integrated with Genetec Security Center include BioStation T2, BioStation, BioEntry Plus, BioEntry W, BioLite Net and BioMini.
Mona Mirza, Founder and CEO of Biolite Aesthetic Clinic in Dubai, highly recommends treatments such as Oxygen Vitamin Infusion, which blasts the skin with pure oxygen simultaneously introducing a cocktail of hydrating vitamins and hyaluronic acid, which are essential to raise moisture levels.
Expression of Interest for Lao PDR Clean Stove Initiative: Training of Proper Use of BioLite Cookstoves.
Washington, May 15 ( ANI ): Biolite has created a new 'BaseCamp' camping stove that not only allows grilling but can also charge your gadgets while there is no charging station nearby.
Where: Biolite Aesthetic Clinic, Dubai C (04-346 6641)
com | A very handy piece of camping kit, the Biolite Camping Stove is lightweight, compact and runs on renewable biomass fuel such as twigs, pine cones and wood pellets.
Summary: Biolite Campstove: A campstove that can charge your phone via
This month, profits from the sale of each pineapple scrub at Biolite Aesthetic Clinic will go to Dubai Cares's various programmes.